Uniting Business Globally

Membership Categories

There are three levels of membership available for this group, depending on the level of commitment you may wish to make and how much you want from the group.


Open only to the group’s “one member from each sector” structure

Part of the BIBC trusted partnership; Regular attender to the BIBC meetings; Take an active role in the development of the BIBC trusted partnership, including the introduction of new business opportunities; Able to bring internal business issues to the group for advice and resolution


Generally controlled by the group’s “one member from each sector” structure

Introduced into the BIBC trusted partnership by a Partner; Casual attender to BIBC meetings; Able to take an active role in discussions, including commenting on any details the group publishes; Able to take an active role in business opportunities

Affiliate (Guests & Visitors)

Open to all, no industry restrictions

Follow the progress of the group, including published details; Able to request attendance at meetings to table ideas and opportunities; Regular attendance, beneficial input, or sponsorship of a Partner can allow progress to an Associate