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Invicta IP Ltd

European Patent Attorney, qualified to represent applicants before the European Patent Office in all matters, the preparation of applications, filing and prosection to grant, including examination, oral proceedings and appeals and post grant proceedings, particularly opposition. Practising since 1984.

Chartered Patent Attorney, qualified for well in excess of ten years and practicing since 1984. Experienced in the preparation of patent applications and filing at the United Kingdom Intellectual Propertry Office, prosecution to grant, particularly examination proceedings and hearings, post grant defence of patent rights in infringement and revocation proceedings.

Technical competence and experience in general engineering, mechanical, automotive, marine, aerospace, process control, steel process apparatus, blast furnaces, slag process, continuous casting, rolling mills, aluminium rolling, aluminium and copper extrusion, electrical switches, bearing fabrication, construction machinery, space heaters, medical devices, limb recovery prosthetics, surgical instruments, stents, medical scanners, particularly X-ray apparatus, MRI scanners, cryogenics, ultrasound imaging, lighting, incandescent, flourescent and LED bulbs and fittings, communications, semiconductor device fabrication, plasma reaction chambers, lithography, physical nanotechnology, optics, composite materials, information technology, electronics; telecommunications: near field communications (NFC), global navigations systems (GNS), global positioning systems (GPS), wireless power transmission.

Community Designs Attorney.