Uniting Business Globally

Meeting on 15th May 2015

An interesting meeting this morning was attended by Jonathan, Andre, Jacquie, Mark, David, Jeremy, Helen, Anna, Paul and Paul. Discussion included: progress on the groups website and analytics, and the demise of the Croydon branch of FSB.

The Croydon Opportunity &  Fairness Commission DIY Kit

For the main presentation, Jeremy Frost talked about the Croydon Opportunity & Fairness Commission DIY Kit. The “Opportunity Croydon DIY Kit”, provides a range of resources for gathering and submitting evidence of the issues, challenges, assets and opportunities that exist in Croydon. The purpose of the kit is described in the form below, which can be downloaded. Jeremy encouraged everyone involved to use the kit personally and to run their own group discussion using the Group Discussion Guide and form.



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