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BIBC Group

BIBC Group

We are a partnership group with a difference. We do not pressure our members to bring referrals to every meeting. Our primary aim is to get to understand each others business aims and build trust so that we can collaborate in order to gain business that might otherwise be beyond our reach as individual businesses. This has the inevitable positive side effect of leading to business referrals within the group.

We are also able to support each other in many ways through our breadth of experience and mutual trust. We have three levels of membership to suit varying requirements and levels of commitment.

We meet on the first and third Monday of every month, unless this falls on a bank holiday and, whilst attendance at every meeting is not mandatory, members will be expected to attend reasonably regularly. Members will not be allowed to block a place without attending, excluding someone who could add value to the group.

We have one member from each sector, noting that many sectors have different strands so taking that in to account. The target is 15 companies / individuals and a maximum of 40.

Our primary aim is not to look to each other for business opportunities. We are aiming to build mutually supportive relationships in order to form a group where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts..

It’s about building long term relationships, through knowing each other, and learning to trust each other. Future business will be won through SMEs collaborating with each other building propositions and projects to fit needs and add value. This forum aims to develop a collective that can achieve this.

This is a forum where we can feel at home and comfortable, in trusted surroundings: We share issues, concerns, ideas, opportunities and discuss in an open forum which shall add value.

We decide things as a group, not as individuals.

No one makes monies directly from this group by way of fees, commission from the venue, or membership. The only cost is your time and the meeting fee, which covers the cost of breakfast and is paid straight to the restaurant.